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Concert Writeup #1

Concert Writeup #1 - Additionally when the group performed...

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Concert Writeup #1 David Poirier MUS 120 1:10-2:00 PM MW I attended the Larry Ferrara/Afiara String Quartet concert on 02/06/08. No offense to anyone, of course, but I have find from this experience that I don’t much like classical guitar mixed with string quartets. The guitar sounded a bit “out of place”, to me, but perhaps it’s just not my style of music, since I’m more interested in the sounds of the electric guitar. One thing that caught my attention was when the violinists, especially the violinist closest to the audience (Valerie Li?) plucked their violins instead of using them “normally”. This, of course, reminded me of a guitar (since you pluck the strings of a guitar), and the sound that the violin made was a sound that I hear a lot in movies. I always knew it was a violin, but now I know how that particular sound is made.
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Unformatted text preview: Additionally, when the group performed the piece by Haydn (the one without the guitar), I noticed the same thing with the cello: he was plucking it, and the sound was one not unlike something I would expect from a bass guitar, or the 6 th string of an electric guitar. I enjoy the sound of the bass guitar as well. My overall impression of Larry Ferrara was that his playing seemed good, and I didn’t notice anything that he did “wrong” (not that I probably would be able to, anyway), but I didn’t particularly like the style that the guitar was played in. I generally enjoy when the guitar takes the lead, as opposed to just accompanying the rest of the instruments. Of the two pieces performed, I enjoyed the Finale of Haydn’s String Quartet, Op. 76, No. 4 the best, and the Scherzo portion of Tedesco’s Quintette, Op. 143....
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