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Social Interaction - closest girl The puppy is brown and is...

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Kristen Dibley Describe What You See I viewed the “The Dance Class” by Edgar Degas. It is a scene in a dance studio, with about 20 dancers of ages ranging from adolescent to teenager, all surrounding an elderly man in a grey suit with a cane. They are in a half circle. The ballerinas are all in tutus of white, with different colored bows showing in the back. There is a girl standing closest to the viewer, who is wearing pink ballet clippers, a green and black bow around her waist, a black ribbon around her neck, and a reddish orange flower in her dark brunette hair. The floor is tan, the color of clay dishes almost. It gives the sense that the floors are made of wood. The walls are a light green, almost the color of lemonade. They are accented by a large window or doorway, that is surrounded by dark green marble, and two green marble pillars around the room. There is also a little dog standing by the
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Unformatted text preview: closest girl. The puppy is brown, and is barely visible. It does not even come up to her knee. It seems to be the size of a loaf of bread. There is a girl sitting next to the closest girl. She is sitting on a black grand piano, with one hand scratching back, the other resting on the piano. She has a light yellow bow around her waist, and very dark brown hair in two braided pigtails down her back. She also has a black ribbon around her neck. There is a dark, mossy green watering can sitting by the foot of the piano. There are a few girls dancing in front of the teacher, who looks almost like the old man in The Karate Kid movies. There are a few mothers sitting on the opposite end of the room with about ten girls. They are not drawn in detail, but the mothers are all wearing black, with the exception of one wearing a dark red and black outfit....
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