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Anthropology 200 Tuesday -...

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Anthropology 200 Tuesday, April 08, 2008 Mendelian genetics Gregor Mendel was a monk interested in genetics. Had worked with pea plants, crossing different strains of pea plants Pattern of genetics. Up to that point, everyone had believed characteristic’s were a form of blending. Noticed kind of traits like unattached ears or hitchhiker’s thumbs- you have them or you don’t. - Would take one kind of purebred and another, and would notice what kind of hybrids you would get. Evaluating trait frequencies- the proportion of each trait in each generation. – 10:60, 1/6, 10/60. Initially looked at only one trait. Focused on seven traits in all. Each trait could be expressed in only two ways- yes or no. - Principle of Segregation - Genes occur in pairs (chromosome pairs), during gamete production members of gene pairs separate and are reunited as gene pairs during fertilization. - Plants used n first cross were designated parental or P . - Hybrid offspring of the P generation were F1 . - Hybrid offspring of the F1 generation were F2 o F1 plants- all were tall o F2 plants- ¾ were tall and ¼ were short - One expression disappeared in F11 and reappeared in F2 - F1 expression (tall) was more common in F2,, in a ratio of 3:1. o 3=dom 1=rec. - Pure plant one TT Pure plant two tt - F1 Generation all tall: Tt - F2 generation ¾ tall TT or Tt, ¼ short tt - Homozygous- Same allele at same locus on both members of a chromosome pair o Allele- trait form, C,G,A,T on gene - Heterozygous - Different alleles at same locus on members of a
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Anthropology 200 Tuesday -...

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