Concert Writeup #2

Concert Writeup#2 - Some things that made me wonder(This was my first choral concert were how important is the conducter really Also I thought that

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David Poirier 2/27/2008 MUS 120 1:00 PM I attended the San Francisco State University Chamber Singers concert on February  20 th , 2008.  I mostly enjoyed the show.  One thing that I was was a bit unsure of was that many  of the songs were religious, or had a religious tone to them, whereas I’m not religious.  However, this could mostly be ignored since the majority of the songs weren’t in English, which  was a feature I liked.  I especially liked the Cuban song “Son de la Loma”, but that might be  because I speak Spanish.  Additionally, I liked the song “Tides of Ocean”, because the singers  made the ship sounds, and that added to the element of the songs.   In specific, these two  songs created an atmosphere, and in general I like that about a song. 
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Unformatted text preview: Some things that made me wonder (This was my first choral concert) were how important is the conducter, really? Also, I thought that the multi-leveled benches (where the singers stand while they sing) were partially to make it so that voices aren’t muffled behind people, but I also wonder if they are supposed to increase visibility of the performer, because it was a bit difficult to see you (Prof. Hebert) in the 3 rd row (I was sitting in the left section of the seats). I also liked that the program explained the “devices”, like a circling figure for circumdabit in “Tristis Est Anima Mea”. I would most likely go to another choral concert, significant since this was the first one I have attended....
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