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Essay 2 - Writing 1 Dr. Fulani Essay #2 1st Draft Title...

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Writing 1 Dr. Fulani Essay #2 1 st Draft Title There he was, sprawled out on the white tiles of the stairway of success. Inhibited by the addiction that prevented him from climbing any higher. His saliva following down the grey grout, dripping, almost pulling him further down. The faded yellow grip tape on the corner of the stairs seems to solidify his place in time. His medicine stored in a glass bottle masked by a brown paper bag was still clenched tightly in his fist. His bloodshot eyes were open just enough for the subway commuters and passer-bys to feel violated while stepping over his disheveled, unconscious body. Even the brisk life-long New Yorkers were obligated to glance at this atrocity, some with fear, others with disgust. His widely opened mouth exposed the few teeth he had, as he attempted to devour the raw humid air of this late September afternoon. He is merely one of approximately 30,000 homeless people in New York City, to live this sort of lower-class lifestyle. However, it is their choice to remain in this state of existence. An individual is always able to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of them. This is what the advice: “Make good (smart) choices” indirectly refers to. The individual has the opportunity to change the condition of which they are in. Whether or not this opportunity is carried out, is solely up to the individual and is what distinguishes us as people and where we end up in the social class in life. Most homeless people seem to ignore these choices. Thus, society’s widespread belief is that the homeless are dirty, uneducated, and complete failures; however, these “widespread beliefs” are just that, generalizations.
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Essay 2 - Writing 1 Dr. Fulani Essay #2 1st Draft Title...

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