Advances in Agricultural Equipment

Advances in Agricultural Equipment - Advances in...

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Advances in Agricultural Equipment Most people take little notice to the technological advances in today’s farming and the technology used. Because I am interested in a career in agribusiness or in agricultural systems management, advances in farming are important to me. Unlike the farmers of our past, farmers today have many advances in technology that their ancestors could have only dreamed of. One of the most useful and most popular advances in today’s farming is the auto-steer feature found on modern tractors. The use of auto-steer in this essay represents a feature that guides a tractor and actually turns the tractor for the driver. This feature provides safe, effective, and efficient farming because farming in a traditional way can be dangerous and tedious. I will outline how farming was performed prior to the development of auto-steer, how the auto-steer works, and the benefits that farmers receive by using tractors with auto-steer. Before auto-steering and GPS guidance of tractors, farming was tedious, stressful, and inefficient. It was up to the drivers to hold a straight line. Once a driver got to the end of a planted row, he was required to be able to turn the tractor and realign the tractor to maximize the number of planted rows in a given field. Because this procedure was not aided by a machine, rows sometimes would develop waves and lead to fewer rows planted. Because this procedure repeated for miles of land, this job becomes very tedious for farmers. Due to the fact that the rows are not planted as close as they should be, farming this way has become very inefficient. Benefits of auto-steer
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Advances in Agricultural Equipment - Advances in...

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