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literacy narritive

literacy narritive - Hating to Write Like most children my...

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Hating to Write Like most children, my parents began reading to me at a very young age. Because of my parents’ efforts, I began to read on my own and even learned to enjoy reading as a way to stimulate my mind. As with most people who enjoy reading, I became a very creative thinker. Being a creative thinker lead me to write many short stories in my early years. In most of my stories, I traveled the world in search of lost treasure and crazy adventures. My adventures took me from coast to coast, from the frigid North Pole to the penguin populated South Pole, and even into galaxies that are light years away. But like many of my adventures, my creative writings came to an end. Because of strictly structured writing classes and destructive criticism, writing has become a chore that I hate to do. My writing first came under fire in 6 th to 7 th grade. As a 6 th grader, my story ideas were crucified. I can remember very vividly my 6 th grade teacher standing there telling me that writing science fiction was not going to get me anywhere. My teacher began telling me what I could and
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