asst5 - AGEC 217 Assignment 5 RWTaylor Due: Friday, 2/9/07...

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AGEC 217 Assignment 5 RWTaylor Due: Friday, 2/9/07 Name __________________________ Seat No. _____________ 1. For each of the situations below, indicate which kind of unemployment it is. A couple discouraged workers are in the list also. a. She got her Purdue masters degree and married a Purdue PhD student the same month. She has seen this coming and has been sending out resumes and reading and responding to want adds for the last four months, but nothing comes up. She’s pleasant, pretty, bright, well-educated and unemployed. She can’t seem to get past the first screening— she doesn’t even get an interview. ___________________________ b. It must have been a very toxic something (nobody knows what) that his mother got into early in her pregnancy, but Paul has a bent back, severe learning disabilities and a small speech defect. With accommodations, he has been successful at Purdue and he has had lots of job interviews, many resulting in second and a few third interview trips, but none resulting in a job offer. He has an engaging personality, a positive spirit and an intense desire to be a successful professional, but he can’t get a job offer. ___________________________ c. He told everyone since junior high that he would work for Lilly after Purdue. He had whiled away his summers helping his semi-retired dad on his small “farm”. He watched the job postings and knew the dates Lilly was interviewing. He bought a new black double-breasted suit and signed up—his only interview in college. Lilly’s ding letter didn’t even hint at why he was not offered a second interview. But they did say they would keep his application on file. He is puttering around home waiting for a call from Lilly. It has been over a year now. __________________________ d. He got his MS in civil engineering and had a challenging and rewarding job for a consulting company. He liked being out on assignment and working with the client’s engineers. The he found a client’s engineer he really liked and Joan agreed to marry him. There was no official, signed, prenuptial agreement, put Paul knew that Joan would continue to keep her good job—he’d commute. Then two big enexpected things happened; first little Emily was born and a few months later Paul got RIFFED (“Reduction in Force”--he got fired as a part of downsizing). Paul couldn’t see sending Emily to the day-care on days he was between interviews, so he played Mr. Mom. He has had three offers for jobs he would have been glad to have
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asst5 - AGEC 217 Assignment 5 RWTaylor Due: Friday, 2/9/07...

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