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RFT Terminology - Terminology •Folklore •Fairy Tale...

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Terminology •Folklore •Fairy Tale •Animism •Anthropomorphic •Ritual •Remythologize •Dvoev e rie (double faith, double belief) •Metamorphosis •Epithet •Magic Number •The Number Three •Magic Objects and Elements Folklore The traditional beliefs, legends, customs, etc. of a people; lore of a people; collected wisdom of a people (oral, ritualistic; associated with nature, agrarian aspects of a given culture; associated with calendar feasts and rites of passage). Fairy Tale A story involving supernatural people or events (not necessarily fairies). Narrowly defined, fairy tale refers to popular fairy tales, which lack a specific author or time of composition. Texts similar to popular fairy tales but written by a specific author are identified as literary fairy tales. Animism The belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls or consciousness. The belief that souls may exist apart from bodies.
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RFT Terminology - Terminology •Folklore •Fairy Tale...

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