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Music Pop. Jazz. Classical. Death Metal. What do all these words have in common? They are all types of music. That connection is the most basic level of how these words relate and when you go further into an analysis of each kind, you will find that they are each very different. The article titled ‘Music’ from Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture by John Storey, intends to give us a way to look at the whole concept of music and not just the lyrics. This piece seems to mainly focus on pop music and how much different (and worse as he seems to put it) than other types of music. The first part of the piece starts off with talking about ‘The Political Economy of Pop Music’. There are three specific claims about pop music made: it is standardized, it promotes passive listening, and it operates as social cement. By standardized he means that a specific detail from one song can be put into another song without really affecting the overall makeup of the song. Passive listening means that the music tells the world how it is and this is different from what he calls serious music because serious music allows the listener to use their imagination. The major difference between the two types of music is that pop music is used during times of leisure and boredom and it satisfies that need for something to do. The final claim of popular music operating as a social cements means that the music is a way for people to adjust to present day life. The music industry as a whole is able to affect the listeners because what they produce determines
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precis7 - Music Pop. Jazz. Classical. Death Metal. What do...

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