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*********Final EXAM********* 3 weeks from today is the final Front and back one page handout Essay: 6, 2 page essays about the books, pick out the big idea out of each book and write about that. Memory stuff will be a huge part of the exam so make sure to know that. Hebrews 12 Witness o Someone who testifies till death o These folks that have gone before us. o What about the saints praying for us and things like that. Prayer o Peter 12:1 o Praying to the saints or what. Is this idolialtry or what. Orthodoxy o Whats your views on it. just talked about it. o Make sure to photocopy the notes for leanne Considering the wh0m. .? Christ likeness is the big answer
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Unformatted text preview: o To love God and your neighbor. o You love those who need it regardless of who they are. • Dressing nice in church o Come as you are vs the showing respect to God and things like that. na mean. o God extends grace, and there are some things that God isnt clear about but there are disputeable matters…they in themselves aren’t evil but once we start to make them into law, that’s when things go wrong. • Walt muller o o He is the foremost expert on what we would call youth culture. Very good site and things like that. he watches all of the mtv so that I don’t have to....
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