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Council minutes 10_24_07_revised - UNIVERSITY COUNCIL...

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UNIVERSITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MEETING OF OCTOBER 24, 2007 The second regularly scheduled meeting of University Council was convened on October 24, 2007 at 4:05 PM in Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall. Present were: Sherrill Adams, Ameya Ananth, David Azzolina, Suzanne Bellan, Christine Bradway, Zac Byer, Francis Patrick Ellis, Alex Flamm, Jamie Ford, William Gipson, Larry Gladney, Daniel Grabell, Amy Gutmann, Paul Guyer, Alejandro Hagan, Christa Heyward, Stephanie Ives, Connor Kamada, Jason Karsh, Alexandra Kotsovos, Lawrence Levin, Jun Li, Mark Frazier Lloyd, Michelle Wells Lockett, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Megan Mayer, Val Swain- Cade McCollum, Nancy McCue, Jim McKay, Mark Pan, Dipal Patel, Andrew Rennekamp, Kevin Rurak, Maureen Rush, Seth Shapiro, Jacqui Simonet, Nanda Srikantaiah, Neville Strumpf, Wilson Tong, Roger Turner, and Christopher Wong Also present were: Brenda Brand, Craig Carnaroli, Leo Charney, Michele Grab, Jeremy Keith, Max King, Leslie Kruhly, Marguerite Miller, Barry Silverman, Brittany Stark, Steve Steinberg, Lauren Usher, Sue White, Matt Waller, and John Zeller Messages of absence were received from: Steven Hauber and William Burke-White APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 26, 2007 MEETINGS The minutes of the September 26, 2007 meeting were approved as circulated. FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS ON STATUS REPORTS Undergraduate Assembly (UA) Chair Jason Karsh stated that he would be giving his status report orally. He reported that the UA had received policy updates on various initiatives, including the proposed on-campus distribution of the New York Times, off-campus recycling, the UA Airport Shuttle, and, in conjunction with GAPSA, the Octobus. In addition, as part of his status report and with the consent of Steering, Mr. Karsh updated the Council about recent events surrounding Terrorism Awareness Week, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and Islam Awareness Week. In his report, Mr. Karsh advised Council that a concern regarding the nature of the name “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” was first brought to the attention of the UA by the inter-faith student group PRISM. In addition, PRISM expressed concern regarding the College Republicans’ intent to host programs related to Islamo- Fascism Awareness Week on Penn’s campus. Mr. Karsh reported that PRISM felt that the term Islamo-Fascism was irresponsible in that it oversimplifies anti-terrorist sentiment and it furthers harmful and negative stereotypes on campus. Mr. Karsh concluded by highlighting the willingness of the student groups involved (PRISM, the College Republicans, and the Muslim Student Association) to discuss the issue. The groups reached an amicable resolution to the immediate issue by changing the name of the event from Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week to Terrorism Awareness Week.
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EXTENDED REPORTS BY THE PRESIDENT AND OTHER ADMINISTRATORS ON THE STATE OF THE UNIVERSITY President Amy Gutmann President Amy Gutmann's presentation focused on the celebration of the University’s kick-off of
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Council minutes 10_24_07_revised - UNIVERSITY COUNCIL...

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