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Christian formation AND culture worship

Christian formation AND culture worship - Christian...

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Christian formation AND culture 5/13/2009 Advent is the season of looking forward to the God that comes again This flows into the season of Christmas. He kept the promise the first time and thus we expect the 2 nd coming. Epiphany Ordinary time is after that Then we have lent Tiridchen And then once all of that has taken place we have Pentecost. Now this is extra ordinary time. that we live in post Pentecostal age where the Holy Spirit has been poured out and such. Worship o Our worship theology and they get it from the air by what we say and things like that. and stuff like that. o If you wanna know a mans theology, listen to him pray o If worship is powerfully forming us, what kind of formation is occurring the worship that you are regulararly apart. o Psalm 115 o All worship is formative but not all forming is good. Those who worship idols are formed in that way. o What kind of formation is going on. Is it good or is it for evil. What vision of God is being put up.
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