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Christian form and culture 2 6 06

Christian form and culture 2 6 06 - Natural Spiritual o...

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Christian form and culture 5/7/2009 7 questions that we are going to think about for the rest of the class happenings. o Why? Why do we engage in youth ministry, why do we teach, why do we make the effort of ministering to people? We’ll apply this questions to anything that you are doing and things like that. o What must we teach? To figure out why, we have to figure out what it is that we teach. What must we teach in the church if we wanna achieve those gatherings. o When? Once we figure out what it is that we need to teach, when do we introduce that to a certain group of people. When in the big picture of a persons development, do we teach it. this is when the whole idea of developmentalism.
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Unformatted text preview: Natural. Spiritual o Whom? Related to the when question. Whom are we teaching in terms of their cultural realities and things like that? Understanding and learning o Who? Is doing the ministry, who’s teaching it and stuff like that. o How? How do we minister in the ways that are most effective? o Where? Once we know how we are going to teach, where are we going to teach it. o These 7 questions will guide the rest of the class. • Today we are going to be focusing on the why. o We have a handout today so refer to that as well. Titled “study two – Christian formation and reading”dated for feb 2 nd , 2006. o There are notes and things like that on there. o Romans 13: 8-11 o...
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