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1 “Striptease” What comes to mind when you think of strippers and striptease as a whole? For me, I envision sleazy nightclubs in the city where my friends and I always say were going to go to, but never actually end up going. It entails women dancing around in basically or actually no clothing and men handing them money as they put on what is perceived as a sexual show. Striptease is generally considered to the American public as something that should go on in private and not as a show for many men to watch at once, it is generally thought to us to be degrading to the women who are up on stage. In his ‘Striptease’ excerpt from Mythologies , Roland Barthes argues that striptease is not degrading to women and is an art more than a show and it should be looked upon with respect, as it is in French culture, and not be looked down upon. From the reading, we first learn that “striptease is based on a contradiction: Woman is desexualized at the very moment when she is stripped naked” (Barthes 84). This reassures the point that Barthes makes throughout the excerpt that while society in general believes that women become desexualized, in reality they truly aren’t. Striptease can be thought of as evil because of the way it portrays women and the way it, in general, it is presented as a whole. The act of it is truly an art from the way the show is set up to
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precis3 - 1 "Striptease" What comes to mind when...

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