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ABRAHAM 5/13/2009 First major character, our father Abraham. He is called the friend of God Mesopotamia map – its online. Off topic – mined the dead sea for its minerals. o Plumbing o Water runs down hill o Payday is on Friday. o Dropping water 1200 feet, you can do hydroelectric. o Mari and nuzu are important, found many tablets there about ancient times, 1500bc and thereabouts. They would tell us about the culture of the time of the patriarchs. o There are peoples names that match the biblical names that have been found on the tablets and whatnot. o Alpha bit develops 1800 bc. o Abraham makes his way around. And makes three cuts
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Unformatted text preview: • Three cuts o Cutting family ties (gen 12:2) Why is it that when God calls there is often a “leaving” involved Did only the jews know God? • Melchizedek (gen 14:17) he knew also. Name means kings of righteousness. He knows God and Abraham pays tithes to him. he’s a gentile too. Jerusalem at this point is big enough to fit on the quad. Its not all that big. o Cuts the animal gen 15:10, 17 Union symbolized as animal was one now we are one Acting out the curse o Cuts flesh On circumcision Unconditional covenant...
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