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David and Saul part II - Does that leave some room for...

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David and Saul part II 5/7/2009 Saul repediatly tried to get david…but david was good at hiding and getting away from saul. There were also safe zones for david as well. David is going to come to a place called nav, just north of Jerusalem, where a bunch of priests are going to be…that’s where he butchers them. David goes to the priests of nav. Lincoln is not a jewish city. Davids fleeing o Nob (chap 21) sword, food, priests slain o Gath insanity 21:17 o keilah deliverance ch23 – the people here are dominated by the philistines. Valley goes right across and that is where the philistines would enter. He delieverd then out of the hands of the philiteins and so david wanted to know if they would deliever them up to saul. does God know things that never happen? 13:13 if saul had… does God know only what is or what is possible?
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Unformatted text preview: Does that leave some room for choice, freedom and variation. David knew how to manipulate situations. Does God know the future as a possibility, not just one track. Is it possible that God has multiple futures. If statement for God. The approach is that God is beyond anyting • Nabal and Abigail o This sotry lind and description of Abigail 1 sam 25 o On role of woman and foolish men. Pretty and wise women. .dumb guy She gets in the middle of it saying “whatever you do to nabal, you do it to me”. so she knows that david wont do that cuz david has character. • David sparing saul • 1 sam 24:3 – dropping pants in cave • 1 sam 26:9 – stealing spear while sleeping. • Witch of endor & sauls demise o Can witches really bring people back from the dead....
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