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OT Study Guide 2 - OT Study Guide 2 Seven Segments Identify...

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OT Study Guide 2 Seven Segments Identify the seven segments of OT history. 1.primeval history – pre-abraham. genesis 1-11. 2.patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and joseph. 1800 BC. Don’t need to know the date. 3.egyptian soldier in exodus with moses – 1400 or 1200’s. 4.settlement of canaan. Time of Joshua and the judges. 5.united monarchy united under saul, david and Solomon. Need to know this date: 1000BC roughly. 6.divided monarchy – book of kings and chronicles. Roughly 900-700 bc. 7.exile and return. nehemiah, ester and things like that. end of the OT with malachi around 400 BC. Days of Genesis Name/explain the three main ways of understanding the word yom (day) 1. literal 24 hour days. 1-5 defines how yom is being used for the rest of genesis 1. discusses a time of light and darkness, specifiying that there is a 24 hour days. 2. outside of it, they look at 20:11…about the time of the Sabbath, to rest on the Sabbath, the 24 hours are implied there as well. 3.day, when used in a number, when used like that implies a 24 hour day. genesis 1 is showing the logical order of creation but showing no relation to time. literary structure pattern. 2 of the main idea are that it was a revelational day. God showing moses 7 pictures, but that is how God revealed it to moses. He showed him 7 days. pictorial could be that. revelational is when God reveals creation to moses, while he is doing it, he shows him 7 time periods. Pictorial days are 7 separate days. revelational could be one revelation. Day age theory – third way of understanding this. on the premis of the word yom. Having different meanings. Light and darkness. Psalm 32:4. also could mean day of the Lord and things like that. could also mean a time in a persons life. “back in the day”. 1 samuel 3:2. talking about a day could not be a solar day cuz the sun was not created till the 4 th day. Final point is that there is too much work on the 6 th day for it to all take place in 24 hours. They say that there is too much happening in a 24 hour day. Parallel Days Scheme (easy) Explain the parallel days scheme (what happened on each day) o First three days are forming o Last three days are filling o One to four, 2 to five, 3 to six o Day one light is formed -> light bearers o Day two waters created -> birds and the fish o Day three dry land -> animals and humans.
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OT Study Guide 2 Image of God Name/explain the four aspects of people being made in the image of God 1. spiritual and moral qualities. Implies that humans have the ability to make moral choices and just as God as righteous and Holy, so humans have the capacity to pursue holiness and righteousness. We have the choices to do Good or evil. 2.
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OT Study Guide 2 - OT Study Guide 2 Seven Segments Identify...

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