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Study Guide #3: 5/2/06 1-2 Samuel 1. How did David manifest his honoring of the Lord's anointed? Give two examples. He did not kill saul even when he had the chance to. He also stopped other people from attempting to kill him. And he respected the fact that he was the Lord’s anointed. 2. What happened at Nob to David and with Saul? David ate the consecrated bread that the priest gave him. Saul kills the priests of Nob David has the sword of goliath. 3. What does Keilah teach us about God's omniscience? Are there possibilities with God? How is David vindicated in the Nabal-Abigail story? This teaches us that God knows what is going on at all times. Yes, there are possibilities with God. David is vindicated by Abigail bringing him and his men food, also offerieng an apology for her husbands actions. It wasby this action that the curse that david called upon himself was lifted because she repaid his kindness with her kindness. The Lord took care of nabal later on and struck him dead. She said that whatever you do to her husband, they had to do with her. He is vindicated because nabal was struck and killed for his foolishness. 4. What are some things raised in Saul's use of the witch of Endor to raise Samuel? After the Lord did not respond to sauls prayers, he went to the witch of endor to receive an answer. He dressed up like a townsman and went in since beforehand saul issued a decree against all fortune tellers. She went on with it and brought up saul, she herself screamed and was in surpize that such a thing had happened. It showed that since saul wasn’t getting a response from God, he was going to go somewhere that was going to get him results, regardless if those results are good or bad. Dead people know what’s going on. Dead people know the future. Are they able to bring back people from the dead – in this case she is able to. She was shocked when she saw him. Samuel seems to know what is going on in sauls life. The implication from this is that yes, they are aware. 5. How does David react to Saul and Jonathan's death? What does that tell us about David's character? Who killed Saul (options)? David and his men took hold of their clothes and tore them. they mourned, wept and fasted till evening. This tells that even what he’s been through with saul, he had compassion for him. Amalekalite was the one who killed saul. David also made a lamnent for both of them. Either the amalekite finished saul off or he lied and just took the crown. Either way what he said got him into really deep trouble. He killed the amalekite afterwards. In 2 nd sam is where the amalakite said that he killed him. so he was looking for an award from david. 6. How do Abner and Mephibosheth (the last of the house of saul, cripple in the feet) manifest David's
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OTLit-StudyGuide3-S06 - Study Guide #3: 5/2/06 1-2 Samuel...

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