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Study Guide 2 S06

Study Guide 2 S06 - Peter 1 OT Lit Study Guide#2 Numbers 1...

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OT Lit Study Guide #2: 4-05-06 Numbers 1. Did God ever change His mind in Numbers (where/when specifically)? How do you explain that in light of Num. 23:19? Can God change? Is God static or dynamic? If God is perfect how can He change as any change would make him not be perfect? Does Numbers talk about the unchangeableness or immutability of God? How do you fit the two together? God does change his mind in Numbers when moses is reasoning and bartering with him about the number of believes to be found in that specific land. God is dynamic He can do whatever he wants. He is God. He also was talking about the giants of the land. Also in genesis Also when moses strikes the rock and water comes out. Chapter 14 – that was the main example that we discussed in class. Also in chapter 11 2. Did Balaam know God? How does the NT look at Balaam in contrast to the way the book of Numbers portrays him? Why did Balak want Israel cursed? Why did he send to Mesopotamia to get a curser? it appears to be evident that Balaam does know God, at least he fears and knows the power that God has and things like that. He says that he will come back with his answer from the LORD. Not only that but the Lord also spoke to Balaam, he specifically told him not to curse the Israelites because they are a blessed people. His temptation was to curse Israel; people attempted a bribe against him to do so. Numbers portrays him as a man of God that no one else was really associated with. He seems to be a good guy since he converses with God through out the book of numbers but the NT portrays him as an evil man and that he has committed some really evil sins. Went with balak when he wasn’t supposed to. There 3. What was Balaam's biggest temptation? How does it come up in the story? What ironies were seen in the donkey incident? What theme was developed in several of the Balaam oracles? balaams biggest temptation is to turn away from the Lord because of the bribe and of Money. Balaam loved money. It comes up because the people of the town want him to curse Israel. The theme in his oracles are blessings and things of that nature. The thing that was ironic in the donkey incident was that the donkey was talking to him and it took a bit for him to realize that the donkey was talking. Who could curse but yahewe numbers 22:7 Manipulate place God is their king Human king Messianic king. 4. How does the fourth oracle of Balaam develop a messianic prophecy? What possible connections were found between Balaam's prophecy and the birth of Christ? There are definitely literally allulsions to the birth and life of Christ. He talks about a star and a cepter coming…indicating kingship and things like that.
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