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STUDY GUIDE #1 FOR OT Lit 2/17/06 Know Bible-robics Gen. as much as we did + Read Deuteronomy and know the Stories (skip the Deut. article and memory verses); review memory verses: Gen 1:27, 15:6, 50:20 and Ps. 23; Lev. 19:2, 18 INTRODUCTION 1. How do the cosmological, teleological – faith, not a science., Pascal's wager -> if there is God, then ur screwed, but if there is not one, you had a great life and everything. and Jesus argue that God exists? Why do you? believe there is a God? 2. What biblical support would you give for the doctrine of inspiration? Does the Bible itself really claim to speak from God? bunch of different things. 2 nd tim and 2 nd peter. God breathed origin. 3. What varied processes were used in the God-breathed Scriptures? -> First he speaks face to face with moses. Speakes through jesus. Spoke through people doing historical research like Luke. Text would be edited and canonized like proverbs. Quoteing secular sources, paul does that in the book of acts. 4. What are the 4 major steps of the movement of God's word to us? Connonization Inspiriation Transmission translation 5. What biblical support is there that the books of the Bible were immediately accepted as authoritative? Several instances where people use other peoples letters on the same level as other scripture. When we have the record of the books being sanctioned…they were accepted by the people being fully authorative and from God. other reference is deut 31:24 and first sam 10:25. in revelation as well. What NT/OT evidence is given to support that the writers were accepted as writing authoritatively from God by others at that time? revelation and things like that. exodus, 2 nd kings. Revelation 22:18-19. peter said the same thing of his word 6. What five criteria are used to establish or question a book’s claim to be canonical? 7. What is the problem in 1 Sam 13:1? Does this show the doctrine of inspiration is flawed? 8. What kinds of errors did the scribes that copied Scripture make on occasion? What are conflation, dittography, Conflation o Similar to revelation of john. When words are added in and it becomes a longer phrase. If you have the phrase, Church of God, and Church of Lord. its two separate phrases coming together and making a longer one. Church of the Lord God. Dittography o When words or lines are repeated. metathesis, fission, and fusion? Matesis is when words or letters get switched Fission is when they were split when they shouldn’t be Fussion is when they are put together then they are supposed to be split. 10. What principles are used for sorting out which manuscripts and textual readings are best?
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STUDYGUIDE1 S06 - 1 STUDY GUIDE #1 FOR OT Lit 2/17/06 Know...

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