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Three cuts - Is God static or dynamic Gen 18:26ff bartering...

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Three cuts Abraham o Cutting family ties Why is it that when God calls there is often a leaving involved? Did only the Jewish know God? Melchizedek o Cutting of the animal Union symbolized as animal was one now we are one Acting out the curse o Cut of the flesh On circumcision Unconditional covenant. Three kids o Eliezer of Damascus: adopted son Gen 15:2. Kids are valued a lot back then. o Hagar surrogate wife Cod of bammurabi Caution of criticizing patriarchs How badly does God get on Abrahams case Are there laws on polygomi? o Isaac : son of the promise – laughter. 3 kids: promise and fulfillment o Promise goes into the block of sarah’s barren and then go to fulfillment. 4 abraham questions o Why every time Abraham lies about his sister, does a guy want to marry her? Well…ahh..she’s my sister? Custom: adopting sister –protection –marry her off. o Can a man impact God? does God every interact/react with man?
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Unformatted text preview: Is God static or dynamic? Gen 18:26ff: bartering with God. They bargin and barter with everything God is bartering with Abraham. Does Abraham have an impact with God? Is this real, does foreknowledge really solve for the problem. o Are all sins the same in God’s sight? Try to trust your Gut, a sanctified gut. Hospitality issue at Sodom…the real issue? Can you really love the sinner and hate the sin. • On recontextualizing the messages of scripture. o How did God’s role towards Abraham change, when he told him to offer up Isaac? Chapter 22. struggle for a son. Rapid fire…why no emotions shown? On good literature. Painful obedience. • Well…ahh…she’s my sister. .? • Is homosexuality a sin? Yes. • Levels of faith o Easy faith o Resignation faith o Unreasonably pure faith....
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