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Lecture 11: Giving and Receiving Torah I. Introduction A. Exodus 19 sets the stage 1. Provision and promises of God - verse 3, the Lord goes over what he has done so far for them. Then he calls them into obedience. Treasured possession, kingdom of priest, Holy Nation. 2. Preparation of the people -verse 10, not a bad thing to fear God-obviously… 3. Moses as mediator -Goes up the mountain, comes down, and mediates. Making a major transition from the narrative to law. Read this out loud. That way you don’t lose your concentration. We have the narratives first-genesis is all about broken rules-needs God’s careful direction. B. Definitions 1. Covenant- an arrangement between two parties that establishes a relationship and involves obligations on both sides. 2. Law (torah)- instruction, statement of obligations for human recipients. a. apodictic law- absolutely imperative-things of where there is no questions whatsoever. Never right to commit murder or steal, 10 commandments. b. casuistic law- case law, expressed in terms of conditions. Or conditional law.
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Lecture_Eleven___Giving_and_Receing_Torah - Lecture 11...

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