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Lecture 15: Journey to Canaan I. Geographical Orientation A. Overview map B. Note conditions for living and travel in the wilderness they had to go through area’s that had snakes and scorpions. Not all that hospitable region. When the water does flow in this area, they get about 4 inches of rain a year. Small bits of growth there. Then they come to kedesh barnea- water from the rock, a lot more hydrated. This is where moses would send the spies. II. Closure on the Sinai Experience Deuteronomy 1:19 moses describes it as a fast and dreadful desert. Bible notes about the snakes, scorpions and the water from the rock. a. Covenant articulated-torah, social civic torah, all of those details, lots of b. Organization established censes were taken c. Tabernacle built and worship instituted. And the sacrifices start. III. Major Incidents and Lessons en route A. General lessons 1. difficulties experienced by exceptional few who (chosen) must lead the masses of God's people- his own family and the people as a whole would criticize him. 2. ever-present problem of discontent and rebellion –because they are human 3. God takes rebellion seriously and judges it he will forgive but it doesn’t mean that he wont punish. Study names and events, it’ll be good to know the names. B. Specific incidents 1. quail (Numbers 11) sent because people complained about manna; 70 elders appointed to relieve Moses, Lord was angry, Moses troubled because this was evil in the eye’s of Moses. He uses those 70 because he is so troubled by this. The purpose of the spirit coming on those 70 elders is to prophesy and indicate that this indeed had happened. The Lord sends quail but the people are
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Lecture_Fifteen___Journey_to_Canaan - Lecture 15 Journey to...

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