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Lecture 5: Geographical and Historical Backgrounds I. Introduction A. Definitions 1. geography 2. history B. Rationale for study 1. Geography shapes where and how people live. Therefore, it helps us understand the history. 2. History contains lessons for us II. Geography - the natural phenomena which God used to test and bless His people (USE WITH MAP OF MIDDLE EAST) A. large land structures and land bridge 1. Mesopotamia 2. Egypt 3. Asia Minor (Anatolia) 4. the great deserts (Arabian and Sinai); Mediterranean Sea 5. "the land between" B. Water sources - vital for life and for culture 1. the Fertile Crescent a. rivers of Mesopotamia b. effects of the Mediterranean Sea 2. Nile in Egypt C. Land formations in Israel and neighboring regions (USE WITH MAP OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL) 1. coastal plain 2. low hills - shephelah 3. hill country/mountains 4. wilderness 5. Rift Valley 6. Transjordan 7. Negev 8. the northern lands D. Travel and Settlement 1. adequate water necessary 2. even terrain best for travel 3. largest communities built up around travel routes 4. International Coastal Highway 5. King's Highway this is where joseph was sold.
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