Lecture_Fourteen___Sabbath__Festivals__Vows - Monday exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Monday exam review, social injustice-combination of objective questions. Lecture 14: Sabbath, Festivals, Vows Civil social, moral ethical, ritual and ceremonial(sactuary, priesthood, sacrifice)-3 parts of torah I. Review major categories of torah II. Sabbath observance- A. The Sabbath principle, sabbat-there needs to be a rest. Also applies land, animals. B. Categories of sabbath observance 1. every seventh day Sabbath command most used is exodus 31:14, another one is exodus 20:8 and Deuteronomy 5:15, because he redeemed them and they were to remember and observe the Sabbath. Exodus 16-already have then learning to do this. a. based on God's rest after creation b. based on God's mighty redemptive act (rescue from Egypt) c. the sign of the covenant 2. every seventh year 3. the Jubilee- Exodus 23:10 now go to liviticus 25:1-7, Deuteronomy 15:1-18-supposed to cancel debts, release slaves and ,let the land rest. Yoveo the jubilee trumpet. Liviticus 25:8-54. they were to return family property, slaves were again to go free and the land was to rest for that year also....
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Lecture_Fourteen___Sabbath__Festivals__Vows - Monday exam...

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