Lecture_Nineteen____Transition_to_Monarchy - Lecture 19...

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Lecture 19: Transition to Monarchy #4353 Don’t use Matthew Henry. Commentary on Proverbs. Judges was a dark time. Bethlehem was a light. I. Introduction A. Review B. The geo-political situation (USE MAP) apostasy, draws them back, then they come to a state of repentance and then they are delivered. 1. Problems continued from period of the Judges 2. Philistines-temple of Dagon. Philistines were the main force. West. a. Five cities - coastal plain and Shephelah-know these cities. They are ashkalon, ashdod, Gazza and gaph and ekron. Gaza is south, by the water. Its in the same location. After that is ashkelon and north of that is ashdod, gath is more inland and ekron is north of that. Sauls hometown isn’t far from the philistines. Cut land in half and this is where jon and his other sons lose their lives. Refihim valley is right next to Jerusalem. b. controlled production of iron – syssera had iron chariots they went to the philistines to get there swords sharpened. c. almost totally overran the land 3. Other problem neighbors a. Ammonites – Saul’s first combat experience east. Dealt with philistines afterward. b.
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Lecture_Nineteen____Transition_to_Monarchy - Lecture 19...

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