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9/13/2004 Lecture 7: Patriarchs (Isaac and Jacob) Review session tonight, 8 jenks 406, also on Thursday. Only 2 brief essay questions. Exam is 90 points, shouldn’t take all class. Rembrandt review: he went from Mesopotamia. Horan nmanyaih, the land between the rivers. I. Isaac’s Role - “hinge” between Abraham and Israel (Jacob) A. Abraham is father of the covenant people and purchased land from Ephron the Hittite; Jacob (renamed Israel) is the father of the twelve tribes. Abraham buys the land, first sign of ownership. B. Major events in Isaac’s life: 1. His being bound on the altar, a ram took his place. 2. His marriage to Rebekah, this chapter about them, this is a long chapter. How many times do we hear the narrative to the servants specific prayer. Shows up twice. Check It out later. God guided this whole thing. Obviously clear. 10 camels, a camel drinks 25 gallons, each animal. 3. The promise renewed, he now has his wife, promise is no restated. He makes known that he the covenant God. 4. His participation in the events of his sons’ lives, involved heavily in his sons lives. Abraham lived 175 years. Negev, gets maybe 8 inches of rain a year. C. Other descendants of Abraham II. Focus on Jacob - human conflict and anguish intertwined with divine confrontation and intervention. He has a lot of stress in his life, he was the one that had to leave home. He was his mother’s favorite.
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Lecture_Seven___Patriarchs__Jacob_ - Lecture 7...

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