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Lecture 17: The Major Judges Check out psalm 51. David saw the Holy Spirit leave Saul and the devastating effects that had. I. Introduction A. Review here are some things that got accomplished. the conquest, the renewal of the covenant. The dividing of the inheritance, that goes to each one of the tribes and the promise of Abraham is coming to being. It is being fulfilled. Josh is wise enough to know that the people wont serve God. B. The “Second Generation” Problem we don’t inherit our parents faith, but the tradition but the faith must be our own. 1. Apostasy- Greek word. Means to stand away from, to stand apart from. Referring to the deliberate turning away from God. Usally to idols, always to idols. Colossians 3, greed is also an idolatry. 2. Oppression every war they fought, God’s hand was against them and they were in great distress. Just as God had sworn to them. In Leviticus. Designed to bring the people back, through repentance. 3. Repentance then God in his mercy raised up judges and the people repented from what they did. But then they did not listen to the judges and continued to do evil. More and more corrupt. 4. Deliverance were delivered but then it goes back into the cycle. 5. Repetition C. Geo-political circumstances 1. no major international enemies had lots of these but not really strong powers. There depictions also show battle going on between ships. 2. oppression was from neighboring (Moab, Philistia) and nomadic peoples (Amalekites/Midianites) these are the people that they had to fight against. 3. tribal units basically self-contained; no central rule Israel is not a whole united nation at this point. In essence, each tribe is functioning by it self, but they do have a central shrine, which is the ark. But politically they are on their own. They are not all together. Cant add up all of the time periods when the judges are judging and get a conclusive date. There are a lot of overlaps. Philistines are by the great sea, they are the ones that have iron.
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Lecture_Seventeen___The_Major_Judges - Lecture 17 The Major...

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