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Lecture 16: Conquest and Settlement I. Introduction A. A Review - what has been accomplished for the people of Israel They have been redeemed, set free and been guided through the wilderness. They have become a people around a social structure and tabernacle. Conquered other nations, ready to come into the land of promise B. Literary Issues: Deuteronomic History- Joshua through 2 nd kings. Its called this because it is history in light of the covenant as its show through the book of Deuteronomy. Reflecting always on back on deutaronomy. Kingship is also a high priority item. Also in a high profile is the tribe of Judah, along with worship and the rise of the prophetic office. This was all an attempt to draw the people back to the law. C. Geo-politics - Canaanite cities and the Habiru- many coalitions. City states are the main political entities. Habiru or (‘apiru). Letters from kings that are in these city states complain to the king of Egypt. Even though it sounds Hebrew but not exactly the same. The word Hebrew usally comes up when a foreigner is talking about a Hebrew. Could be a referral. D. A Theological/Ethical Concern: Legitimacy of Conquest - vile polytheism of Canaan – Herem, given over to destruction. Dot under H. they were to destroy every element of their idolatry worship. Herem have been used to go against the outright rebellion against God. Also, what Abraham was told in Genesis 15. the laws were there to keep God’s people separate and holy. II.
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Lecture_Sixteen___Conquest_and_Settlement - Lecture 16:...

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