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Lecture 13: Sanctuary, Priesthood, Sacrifices (Ritual Torah I) exam is one week away. I. The nature of worship in Old Testament A. a paradoxical scene – things that contradict each other but they are true. Lots of blood. Did this because of how hideous sin is to God. All life is lived in God’s presence. Rituals indicate the holiness of God. 1. Approaching God- 2. Central feature - the sacrifice- Propitiation: appeasing God’s wrath with shedding of Blood (Leviticus 17:11) the life is in the blood. 3. Sanctuary and priests necessary to continue the sacrificial rituals - what do we learn about ourselves and about God through the details of the sanctuary and the priestly functioning? Preists are the mediators. Between sinful human kind and the holiness of God. B. Compare and contrast with New Testament 1. What concepts are the same? Sin is still detestable to God, adding to his holiness about that. Our intent needs to be attention. Having the humility for worship, being a gift of God’s children. Read Hebrews 9-10. 2. What specifics change? Jesus became the perfect sacarice and he was also the priest. II. Sanctuary A. Several literary comments B. Significance of terms used 1. Sanctuary – mikdash means holy – it is a place set apart and it is secure. How many chapters in exodus are devoted to sanctuary. 10 chapters. Why do you suppose after the golden calf, God inspired moses to rewrite the things on sanctuary? Its because it shows God’s forgivness.
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Lecture_Thirteen___Sanctuary__Priesthood__Sacrifices -...

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