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Lecture 30: Prophets and Prophetism pray for sara hunt-had liver cancer I. Introduction A. Review and preview – the people that have been called by God. The children of Abraham, called and set apart for his plans. They have the Torah as the statement of the covenant. They were in the land from ca. 800 years-conquest to exile. They had the monarchy and the covenant with David –someone in davids –(the Davidic promise) line will always be king. The temple had been indicative of God’s presence with them. because of the disobedience, they lost the land and the temple. The prophetic material is timely, calling for both national and personal reformation. Timely for them and timely for us. Amos condemns social injustice. Rabbinic literature-written by the rabbi’s. B. Definition of prophecy (cf. II Peter 1:19-21) 1. God's communication to humankind through human beings – the prophecies did not come about by the prophets own interpretation. 2. Carried along by the Holy Spirit – totally used by the Holy Spirit. spoke to human kind, through human beings. If its from God, its going to be truth. He is using human instruments but there will be limitations through vocabulary and cultural. C. Torah, history, and prophecy – they all go together. 1. covenant enforcement mediators. Leviticuz 26, deut 27-28. check those out.
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Lecture_Thirty___Prophets_and_Prophetism - Lecture 30:...

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