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Lecture 34: Prophets of the Exile - Ezekiel I. Introduction A. A little review of history. So far we have gone over Isaiah(the Holyness of God and has a profound sense of it. contains most of the prophetic material about the messiah, restoration of Israel, he also has the most to say about the universal offer of salvation to all peoples) and jeremiah.(weeping prophet, he lived during the fall of Jerusalem and the fall of the temple. He is the one that has the profound sense of covenant since his father was Hezekiah.) ezekial’s transported. He is living in exile. Nebuchadnezzar took multiple waves of exiles to Babylon, starting in 605 and continuing beyond the destruction of the temple. Ezekiel was prophesying from Babylon. B. A new literary genre – apocalyptic (has to do with the end times, synonym of Revelation, in King james, the title will be different, apocalypse of saint John.) 1. Definition - revelation of those events that will happen in the end times. This kind of writing flourished during when the times are really bad. (like the roman oppression) 2. Characteristics: looked forward to the triumph of good dreams, visions, symbols fantastic images – counterpart of today’s cartoons. Donkey, elephant for political partys. Animals with multiple horns and things of the like. divisions of time, symbolic use of numbers –
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Lecture_Thirty_four___Prophets_of_the_Exile__Ezekiel_ -...

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