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Lecture 37: Post-Exilic Prophets I. Review Historical Context A. Return from exile – Zachariah and haggai have the most to do with the temple because they are the ones that have something to say. Return from exile with decree of cyrus in 539 B. Completion of theTemple there is a 2 nd temple, and there is a model after it. it is a fairly accurate representation. The city of david is small. they stopped building the temp in 516 because they faces opposition. C. Reforms of Ezra and Nehemiah in 450-440. malachi is going to be in the context of Nehemiah. II. Haggai's Messages A. Get your priorities straight – they are ignoring the temple and working on their own houses. B. Defilement is contagious. The spread of what is unclean and things of the like is very contagious. Make sure to read these last books also. Holiness is not contagious. That is the first thing that they say. Profanation verse 14 chapter 1. lesson of holiness. C. Promises for this Temple and the line of Zerubbabel – saying that the glory in this place will be greater then solomons. Jesus in the fullness of time will come to this temple. Kind of ambiguious. At the end of chapter 2-re read. III.
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Lecture_Thirty_seven___Post_exilic_Prophets - Lecture 37:...

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