Lecture Thirty six Post exilic Judaism

Lecture Thirty six Post exilic Judaism - Lecture 36:...

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Lecture 36: Post-exilic Judaism I. Introduction A. The Sources 1. Biblical Ezra. have a gap in ezra talks about things in the past, Nehemiah ( some of the same things of ezra, but has his own words to say) - documentaries Haggai, Zechariah ( rebuilding the temple, they are the ones that spur on the people. Looks in the past and looks far ahead as well) prophetic texts Esther – narrative (historical narrative. Despute when its labeled as such. Some people think is historical fictions) Malachi – prophetic (closes down the prophetic voice of the old testament.) 2. extra-biblical - Persian inscriptions– Cyrus Cylinder.; Greek authors – Herodotus. and Josephus – a Jewish historian who lived in the first century and he does his version of jewish history. 3. archaeological discoveries – information from a variety of resources. Make to do the reading for this lecture. Horses with crowns – Esther – in chapter 6, he gives this whole list of things, one of them said to have the horse wear a crown. B. General History of the period - the rise of Medo-Persia 1. Review: 722 - fall of north to Assyria (Nineveh) – population upheaval. As a result, we have the rise of the Sumaritans. 612 - fall of Nineveh to Babylon - 587 - fall of Jerusalem to Babylon - 2. Cyrus the Great (559-530 BC) - first return – this empire didn’t last too long, modern day southern Iran. By 29 is when he get Babylon and gets kings belshazzar. 2 nd chronicles 36:22. so we have the first return. 3. Cambyses (530-522 BC) – some people think that he committed suicide. 4. Darius I (522-486 BC) - temple completed – he really wants the jews on his side. that is the political side of this. he wants to get in good with the jews and he is the one to give them permission to finish the temple, 70 years after the destruction of the temple. – jeremiah prophesy. 5.
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Lecture Thirty six Post exilic Judaism - Lecture 36:...

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