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Lecture 33: Prophets of the South - the Destruction of Jerusalem I. Introduction to Jeremiah A. Review – isiah, amos, nahov, joel, jonah these are the prophets that we’ve had so far. “Let the one who has my word speak it faithfully” (Jeremiah 23:28) B. The political circumstances chapter 1:2-3. the covenant is a high ideal for jeremiah. It is very important to him. 1. Josiah and his successors: (from the 13 th year of Josiah 627 to the 11 th year of zedekiah 586: Jehoahaz , Jehoiakim , Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah. Jeremiah is not in chronological order. 2. Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar were in control of Judah (Jer 34:7) and had deported Israelites in 605 and 597 – when they go into exile, hanaiah is where he is forced to watched his sons killed and then his eyes were taken out. 3. Egypt was a tempting alternative to the Babylonians C. Jeremiah's difficult calling – he is the son of kilkiah, (1:1), he was called before he was born. (1:5). Then he is called to stand in opposition to the religiouis establishment (1:17-19) he was called in regard to his own people. As he stands against them, they also do the same to him. 1. the initial call 2. the continued opposition a. from kings (32:3 – zedekiah; 36:23-27 – jehoiakim) this is somewhat reflective of moses. The people are still
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Lecture_Thirty_three___Prophets_to_South__Jeremiah_ -...

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