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Lecture_Twelve___Civil_Torah - 3 restitution E Types of...

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Lecture 12: Civil Torah I. Introductory Comments A. Review purpose of civil laws - structure societal conduct and provide for proper administration of justice B. Ancient Near Eastern parallels C. Differences between Israelite society and 20th century western culture D. What cross-cultural principles apply? II. The Justice System in Israel A. measure-for-measure B. ministers of justice 1. judges in every town 2. the "Supreme Court" - priests ministering before the Lord C. Factors affecting the administration of justice 1. intentional vs. unintentional action 2. gender 3. slave or free 4. Israel or foreigner D. Modes of punishment 1. the death penalty 2. flogging or other physical punishment
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Unformatted text preview: 3. restitution E. Types of cases 1. interpersonal relationships a. personal injury and death b. marriage, divorce and related matters c. family abuse 2. property damage and loss 3. theft 4. other financial concerns a. salaries for employees b. debt, slavery and lending money c. inheritance rights F. Matters of national interest 1. obligations of the king 2. going to war 3. dealing with poverty a. tithes b. gleaning c. seventh-year procedures 4. cities of refuge III. The "Unified" Law A. Relationship of moral law to civil law B. Relationship of ritual law to civil law...
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