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Lecture 20: The Rise of David; the Fall of Saul I. Introduction frost 308 and then start working on the ot paper. A. Review reasons for Saul's loss of kingdom: offered sacrifices at Gilgal; did not exterminate all the Amalekites (king Agag and the property) he didn’t wait for Samuel to come, and that was wrong, disobedient. B. Questions to ponder 1. How were Saul's sins so much worse than David's that he would lose the kingdom and suffer the removal of God’s Spirit? he was assuming upon God’s part. Saul wasn’t repentant but David was. David had a longer faith in the Lord, has a lot of faithfulness. David has a strong dependence on the Lord and he is aware of God’s mercy. 2. Once the kingdom was removed from Saul, why torture him so long by allowing him to linger as king? It was to give David time to train and to be ready to be king. Also to show the Israelites on the long time basis, what a king would really mean to them. David does get his recognition for his military accomplishes. To give Saul time to repent. There were many times that David could have taken Saul out. 3. How are we to understand the Spirit of the LORD and an evil spirit from the LORD as they relate to both Saul and David? 4. Why did God chose Saul as king and allows such personal and national disaster? Saul’s life is a tragedy. C. Focus of the Narrative II. Rise of David A. Background information 1. Tribe and lineage he is from the tribe of Judah, the line of Jesse. Psalm 89:19-29, Samuel 16
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Lecture_Twenty___Rise_of_David__Fall_of_Saul - Lecture 20...

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