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Lecture 28: Divided Kingdom - To the End of Northern Kingdom I. Introduction A. Review division of the kingdom was 931. the northern kingdom would then go through a series of dynasties. 722 was the fall of the north. Focus today is the northern kingdom. B. Major international powers toward end of period 1. Assyria -Tiglath-Pileser III (Pul), Shalmaneser V/Sargon II – one of the foremost biggest powers. Hence their being at the top. These three have to do with the fall of the kingdom and shalmaneser III has left some extra biblical material. These people were ruff and brutal. No long after this, about 100 years, jonah was called to go there and this is the tradition that he knows of that happens to the people that rebelled. 2. Syria – B en-hadad 3. Egypt Assyrian expansion. Shalmaneser doesn’t quite go all the way to Israel. II. Jehoshaphat (S) - name means that the Lord Judges. In the south. A. Reforms - this is the first thing that he does. He will also contribute to a time of prosperity for the kingdom. II chronicles 17. removed the high places and destroys all idols. B. Prosperity III. Ahab's Exploits (N) A. Against Syria - defeated Ben-Hadad but let him go free – Samuel kings comes from a northern perspective, chronicles are in the south. I Kings 20 is when he wins some battles against ben-hadad. What he did does not please the Lord and that it was the wrong thing to do. He granted ahab victory but he doesn’t carry on with that. ahabs life for hadad’s life. God’s intent was to have hadad killed.
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Lecture_Twenty_eight___Divided_Kingdom_to_End_of_North -...

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