Lecture_Twenty_five___Job - Lecture 25: Job I. Introduction...

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Lecture 25: Job I. Introduction - Basic Questions and Issues A. What is the overall purpose of the book? God is sovereign. Every one of us will stuggle with anger towards God. Read chapter 16 of Job. It could be there to add some insight to why bad things happen to good people. It also shows that satan targets those who shun evil, pure in heart and righteous. So it is good to be tempted because you know that you are getting to him. 1. Is Job a theodicy? (And what is a “theodicy”?) it is something that justifies the way of God even in the face of evil. “the wisdom of job and proverbs” How does God deal with evil? We are forced to come face to face with evil and the way that he deals with it. In faith, accepting the timing of prayer. 2. Why are humans faithful (righteous)? What are motives for being good? What is faithfulness like? Can it involve doubt? It has everything to do with faithfulness. This is all to the test of the patients of Job. He does indeed endure all of the hardships and he keeps on coming back to God. If you have enough faith, God will bless you. 3. Further issues: What is our relationship to God? What is death about? How shall we face it? What is the relationship between sin and suffering? He is coming to grip that his life is mortal and might come to an end sooner then he expected. He has a lot to say about death. Look for what he says in it. B. What is so inappropriate about the friends’ statements? Read through what the friends say. They have their theology down and know all about the convenant theology down. They have a lot to say that is good. Know
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Lecture_Twenty_five___Job - Lecture 25: Job I. Introduction...

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