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Lecture 24: Wisdom Literature: Proverbs I. Introduction to Wisdom Literature A. Review characteristics of Hebrew Poetry –solomon known for his wealth, women, wisdom and worship. 1 st kings chapter 4. He knows a lot about nature. Uses it to teach. Parallelism is the characteristics of Hebrew poetry. Also personification. Especially Proverbs chapter 9. B. Universal aspects of wisdom 1. Gaining mastery of life through the power of reason- these wisdom works, no matter where they are coming from, there are some things that we intrinsically do. It demonstrates that people are trying to get some control, gain mastery over life. The idea is that if you use your mind, you can do this, but this has a dangerous edge to it. God is our master and we are to be humble before him. 2. Value of instruction- instruction is valuable. We are to learn and to learn well. Its how we act on a mundane level. 3. Accumulated knowledge of experience must be passed along (tradition)- elders are going to be sources of wisdom. They are those of whom we should learn. Like in antiquity where information is passed on from one generation to another. But now we have less respect for the older generation. 4. Multi-faceted applications of truth - depending on perspectives (“works” in a post-modern culture)- truth is indeed very complicated. They work really well in a post modern culture. Shows the different perspectives on truth. Proverbs 26 C. Wisdom literature in the Ancient Near East 1. extra-biblical wisdom writings- see the sayings of amenemopet from Egypt. Whats fascinating is that they parallel that they go
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Lecture_Twenty_four___Wisdom_Literature__Proverbs_ -...

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