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Lecture 29: To The Fall of Jerusalem I. Introduction A. Review and overview B. Chronological Framework Date Israel Prophets Judah Foreigners 931 Jeroboam Ahijah Rehoboam Egypt “Man of God” Shemaiah Nadab Abijah Baasha Hanani Asa Syria [Aram] [Elah,Zimri] Omri Jehoshaphat Ahab Elijah 853 Ahaziah Elisha Jehoram Jehoram Ahaziah 841 Jehu Athaliah Jehoahaz Joash Jehoash Amaziah 750 Jeroboam (II) Hosea, Uzziah (Azariah) Amos, Jonah Assyria [final kings] Jotham Ahaz 722 fall of north Hezekiah Manasseh Amon 640 Josiah Jehoahaz Egypt/ Jehoiakim Babylon Jehoiachin Zedekiah 587/6 Fall of Jerusalem C. International politics of the period 1. Assyria - Sennacherib - tiglath polezzer III, pul, zargon, sennacherib talks about his siege of Judah. He claims to make Hezekiah a prisoner like a bird in a cage. 2. Babylon – Nebuchadnezzar – prophetic word. This king is the person that he uses to bring punishment. 3. Egypt - Pharaoh Necho (or neco). Don’t forget Egypt is always there. He will be responsible in a battle for the death of king Josiah. He wasn’t ready to fight the Israelites. Josiah steps in his path. Check out the rise of the neo Babylonian empire. II. Catching up “down south”
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A. Overview of Rulers After Jehoshaphat (he decides to go into battle against the Assyrians, and asks ahab to consult prophets) and Jehoram until Uzziah 1. Ahaziah – killed at the same time of the king of the north. When he is killed, his mother (granddaughter of omri(ahab-king, baal)), tryies to wipe out the decedents of david. 2. Athaliah – tied up with northern kingdom religiously. 3. Joash – is preserved till he is 7 and is then established as king. He is a good king. As long as jahoida is alive, but once the priest is dead, it goes down a different road. 4.
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Lecture_Twenty_nine___Hezekiah - Lecture 29 To The Fall of...

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