Lecture_Twenty_one___David_Uniting_the_Kingdom - Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 21: David - Uniting the Kingdompray for fair test, next Wednesday is the forum on homo. I. Introduction A. Reviewing the geography: the Philistine threat Jerusalem was a strategic move for david. Its right in the tribe of Benjamin and close to Judah. B. Sources 1. Samuel/Kings this is the Deuteronomic texts. Focus on the northern kingdom (once the kingdom splits). It also talks about the dirty laundry. Wont read that in Chronicles 2. Chronicles written later, concern to establish genealogy and the positive aspects of the Davidic dynasty, significant focus on the temple and priesthood. This doesnt report the ugly incidences C. Review of Chronology 1. Overview time line Abraham David Christ _____________________________________________________ _ ca 2100 ca 1000 BCE/CE 2. Detail time line 966 could be the time of the exodus. Conquest/ Judges Eli Samuel Saul David Solomon/Temple Settlement _____________________________________________________ _ 1400 or 1220 ca 1100 1010 966 D. Names to Remember names will be on the exam. 1. on Saul's side a. Ish-bosheth he is the son of Saul that survives b. Abner the general in Sauls army. He gets assassinated by joab. c. Mephibosheth grandson of Saul, son of Jonathan. 2 nd Samuel 21. 2. Related to David a. Joab the general of Davids army. David is also a little bit afraid of him as well. He is Davids nephew. Three of her sons show up repeatedly. b. Amnon and Tamar amnon was the first born son of David. He thinks he falls in love with his half sister tamar....
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Lecture_Twenty_one___David_Uniting_the_Kingdom - Lecture...

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