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Lecture 27: Divided Kingdom - The First 75 Years 300 years of judges. Monarchy under saul, david and Solomon. Psalms david, wisdom litature Solomon. I. Introduction A. Why the division? He took away the 10 tribes because he fell away from the Lord. tells him first in a dream then in a vision. 1 st kings 11. B. Terminology C. Differences between north and south Israel is in the north, aka the northern kingdom. Judah will be the southern kingdom and would go with the Davidic dynasty. In addition to the north called Israel, it will also be called Samaria and affrian which is a tribe of one of josephs sons. It is the most significant tribe in the northern kingdom. Samaria becomes the capital of the northern kingdom, not immediately. It comes to represent the entire northern kingdom. Capitals change in the north, Jerusalem in south Changing dynasties in north, Davidic dynasty in south. Know 4 main dynasties in the northern kingdom, instability in the north. The south is a little bit more stable. North more open to foreign influence. South is more hilly, more off of the beaten track. Northern kingdom is easier to get to. Fenisha-baal worship coming from there. D. Geographical orientation 1. northern and southern tribes 2. the border area goes right through the area of Benjamin. Borders keep on moving depending on who is more powerful. 3. Bethel and Dan the fresh new king jerabom sets up golden calfs. He did that to make religion easier. Very strategic place, keeps
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Lecture_Twenty_seven___The_Divided_Kingdom__First_75_yrs_ -...

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