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Lecture 26: Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs A problem of Futility or Transience? I. Introductory Matters A. Review - been talking about practical, speculative wisdom. B. Principles for Interpreting Speculative Wisdom – don’t take passages out of context. 2) follow the development of the entire argument. C. Questions why is it in the Bible? Describes for us what deeply God looks like. It is the Christ shaped vacuum. It indicates how much we need the redeeming work of Christ. D. 12:12b - an introductory text II. Key phrases for Ecclesiastes A. hevel ; havel havalim - translated as meaningless. In king james its vanity. The plural of havel havalim means vapor or breath.-something that is here and gone. Is there a difference between meaningless and transience. Meaningless is making a judgment and dismissing it. If on the other hand, we just say transient but it may recognize the meaning in things. that’s the source of frustration for the author in this book. Hevel is also same as the name of able. His is his life that is so quickly gone. B. "I saw" this author is recording his experiences, and goes along with- C. Under the sun (or under heaven) we’re dealing with how someone perceives life as it unfolds. D. Chasing after the wind lots of work but you don’t get anything in the end. E. Eat, drink, and be satisfied this expression continues to appear. People read that has hedonistic advice. It is perceived and presented as a gift from God. God gives us things to enjoy in our temporary sphere’s. has a more complex and less cynical. They see this book as the dark gloomy black screen in contrast for the light of the other scriptures. III.
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Lecture_Twenty_six___Ecclesiastes_and_Song_of_Songs -...

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