Old Testament lecture 18

Old Testament lecture 18 - Old Testament, lecture 18...

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Old Testament, lecture 18 Thematic arrangement of judges o Non chronological, chapter 20 in judges, another suggestion is at the end of chapter 18. shows three generations mentioned suggesting that this has happened very early on. Philistines are a major thorn in the flesh of Samuel. o Involvement of significant tribes: Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim. So far there has been no judge from the tribe of Judah. At the end of judges, there will be some things that happen that involve Judah. Significant as we move into 1 st and 2 nd Sam. This could be for positioning these happenings. They will unfold, along with the tribe of Ephraim. These are the high profile tribes. o No moral leadership. It was repeated that Israel did what was right in their own eyes and they had no king to rule over them. It was noted that a king was needed, someone that would provide moral leadership. Refrain keeps on coming back. Incidents in chapter 17-21 o Micah – “spiritual illiteracy” one problem was that he was stealing, made an idol, and an ephod. His has his own priest for his own shrine. Thinks he’s getting better when he installs a Levite as his priest. His mother was not teaching him in the proper sense. They were huge into superstition. He anticipating some material blessing.
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Old Testament lecture 18 - Old Testament, lecture 18...

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