OT EXTRA CREDIT II - Peter Place O.T. Extra Credit...

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Peter Place O.T. Extra Credit Questions 7 May 2009 I Chronicles 28 o David summoned all of the officials/people to where and for what occasion? Jerusalem and to discuss his plans for building the temple. o Why isn’t David the one to build the temple and who declared him as so? He was a warrior and shed blood and it was the Lord who said that to him. o After the speech that David made, who does he hand off the plans to? His son Solomon. I Chronicles 29 o Why was the task that David Gave to Solomon great? The palatial structure is not for man, but for the Lord God. o What took place the next day concerning the Throne? Solomon was acknowledged Solomon as king for a 2 nd time and anointed him before the Lord to be ruler and Zadok the priest. o How many years did David reign and where were those years spent? A total of 40 years, 7 in Hebron and 33 in Jerusalem. 1 st Kings 1 o Who made themselves king? Adonijah o What did David’s servants to do keep him warm and what was the name involved with that. They found a very beautiful girl named Abishag for the King. o
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OT EXTRA CREDIT II - Peter Place O.T. Extra Credit...

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