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OT Review 10 4 - Peter Place OT Review 10/4/2004 Lectures...

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Peter Place OT Review 10/4/2004 Lectures 13, 14, 15 Worship coming into sacred space, time, recongnizing God’s holiness and some terms Some terms o Propitiation appeasing- Gods wrath with the shedding of blood o Expiation cancellation of sin by blood sacrifice, removing it from the sight of God o Mikdah means sanctuary, place that is holy/set aprt o Mishkan is the tabernacle-a place to dwell, also, in their midst. Set apart but also in their midst at the same time. Tents of meeting/tabernacle meeting o Gods presence I “set apart in their midst” o Bridge for incarnation o Prefiguring of heaven o Refer to drawing for the structure. o It was maintained by the half shekel yearly law. o The Levites were the larger group, took care of the tabernacle, musicians and the teachers. o Priests were Aarons descendent with Levite group priest and offered sacrifices High priest clothes o Ephod, with onyx shoulder pieces with 12 tribes o Breast piece with lots of stones, 12 tribes names, urim and them o Robe with bells so that he wont die o Nadab and abilu-unauthorized fire Sacrifice o It has to be something that cost the individual o Identification with the animal, transfer of the sin onto the animal by the placing of the hands o Slaying of the animal is done by the person that committed the sin o The priest is the one that does the sprinkling of the blood and the burning of the sacrifice o Fellowship offering-community precursor to the communion, this is something that they all eat together and its something that they all did Types of sacrifices o Burnt offering=sin in general o Sin offering for an unintentional sin o Guilt/trespass offering for unintential sin relating to God’s holy things o Grain offering is the giving of your best to the Lord o Peace fellowship offering is just giving thanks to the Lord.
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Sabbath principle o Every seven periods, rest is necessary for the people, animals and the land. o Sabbath breaking meant the death penalty. People got upset because of Jesus “breaking of the Sabbath o Why because in exodus is because God rested after the creation o In deutaronomy is because of God’s might redemptive act ie, rescue from
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OT Review 10 4 - Peter Place OT Review 10/4/2004 Lectures...

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