Prophet of the exile daniel

Prophet of the exile daniel - Prophet of the exile Daniel...

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Prophet of the exile – Daniel. Introduction Four major prophets o Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. o Characteristics of the apocalyptic. Means revelation, numbers play a huge part in this message. With Daniel, it’s the 7’s. The issue with sovereignty. o Another demonstration of God’s sovereignty. One event is when shadrack, meshack and abendigo and Daniel in the lions den. Those are the two main ones. Nebuchadnezzar’s vision. o Right away in chapter one when Daniel and his friends do not eat the food, God sustains them and they end up healthier then everyone else. o Informed by God about the forthcomoing events and he also still holds a high level of authority. By the revelations that Daniel consistently has from God, shows that God is getting him to a certain level. Languages of the book o Hebrew and Aramaic. Not Hebrew frame and structure in Aramaic section. Aramaic is the language of the entire empire and it is very close to English. It was the trade language, language of conference and trade. Chapter 2 and 7 both give visions that have to do with major world empires. They are imparted in the major world language. 8-12 focus in on what is going to happen to God’s people in the land and its in Hebrew once again. 2-7 is the wider nations empires in Aramaic. Chapters 3 and 6 have to do with persecution. 3 is nebuchadnezzer. 4 and 5 are structurally similar and 4 has to do with a ruler that sets himself up as a god and chapter 5 is the same thing. Identity of Daniel - statesman and prophet – reminiscent of Joseph. . Names
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Prophet of the exile daniel - Prophet of the exile Daniel...

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