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Psych Preconventional morality o Morality of self interest. Avoids punishment. If you let your wife die, you will ge tinot trouble. You should steal the drug, be you’ll get caught and sent to jail if you do. Gains concrete rewards If you steal the drug your wife will live and you may not get much of a jail term if he steels the drug, but his wife will probably die before he gets out.
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Unformatted text preview: o Conventional morality Good boy/good girl • If you steal the drug, your wife will live and and you will be a hero., if you steal the drug, it isn’t just the druggist who will think you’re a criminal. o Monism Find out that definition. o Dualism When we die, we go to heaven. • Exam o IMO: no such thing as hypnosis or esp. hypnosis is all an act....
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